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Renee Roggie - TattooeR -

Renee started working at Never Say Die Tattoo during their Apprenticeship in March of 2017, since then they have continued to take on different styles as well as refine their current interests:

Black & Grey Realism, Fine Linework, Stippling, and Neotraditional... meanwhile incorporating a fun sprinkle of bold lines.

Renee's style goals are to enter the world of Traditional Japanese and learn as much as possible in hopes of co-creating with their clients some very unique work that will insure each client that walks in the door will leave with a custom piece that is handcrafted for that specific individual.

Renee believes a good balance of contrast in any tattoo will guarantee the most timeless & ageless result.

As a kid Renee was always creative & artsy, always going from project to project.

She saw a short TV program on Tattooing at a very young age and ever since then she couldn't get it out of her mind. Eventually, the pull towards Tattooing got too overwhelming to ignore so she began to take steps towards her dreams which included getting their first tattoo, taking advice from incredibly talented/seasoned Tattooers, painting and drawing a LOT, 

visiting many shops & scouring Instagram for more Tattooers to admire.

This led them to Never Say Die Tattoo in 2017. There are SO many people that made Renee's dreams possible, the love and support through the years is the soul reason Renee is where she is today.

Leaving a thankful heart for everyone that walks through the shop's doors.

The best way to contact Renee for some work is directly through their website at:

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