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Milo Almeida started their apprenticeship at Never Say Die Tattoo in December 2020, then completed their apprenticeship in January 2023, and have been tattooing professionally ever since. They primarily tattoo neotraditional, new school, and stippling. Especially with cute, creepy, or nature themes. They also love doing pieces that mix different styles. The main features of their work are contrasting line weight and bold color schemes. 


Milo has been obsessed with art and self expression as long as they can remember. They were drawing every day since they were a child. They became obsessed with the tattoo world pretty much as soon as they discovered it. Milo also studied fine art in college and has had work featured in local gallery shows. 


Milo’s goal as a tattooer is to connect with people through a mutual love of art, and to help people show on the outside, who they are on the inside. They love the boost of confidence that an awesome new tattoo can give to their clients! Outside of tattooing, they love painting, thrifting, watching cartoons, playing video games, doing makeup, and nature walks. 

The best way to contact Milo is directly through their website below:

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